Thursday 7 January 2016

His Imperial Majesty Ooni Of Ife Lauds Gani Adams On Olokun Festival

His Imperial Majesty, Ooni of Ife Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ojaja & Otunba Gani Adams
The divine head of the House of Oduduwa and the custodian of Yoruba culture and tradition, His Imperial Majesty, Oba Enitan Ogunwusi, Ojaja 11, the Ooni of Ife has described the Yoruba tradition and culture as an inestimable pristine heritage of no common peer or brand anywhere in the world which must not be neglected, discarded or allowed to be subsumed by other cultures or relegated in the comity of cultures.

The Ooni made this observation while receiving the convener of Oodua Progressive Union, (OPU) Otunba Gani Adams, who led a delegation of OPU members from Europe, America and the UK to pay homage to the Ooni in his palace in Ife on Saturday, 2 January, 2016.
Otunba Adams who was accompanied by Akogun Banji Ojo, OPU, Europe coordinator, Chief Gani Oshidele, OPU coordinator Scandinavia and Ayo Awodire, its Paris coordinator, Yeye Tokunbo Babs-Olurinde, Prince Segun Akanni, Messrs Kunle Lawal and Ramon Aderinsoye and a crew of Oodua Voice and magazine congratulated the Ooni for his ascension of the stead of his forefathers with peace, devoid of the usual acrimony, royal rumblings, family tiff and unnecessary legal tussle; 

“This is a pointer to the divine confirmation and endorsement by God Almighty and the ancestral elements and spirit that rules the world. “Kabiyesi, Ooni Ojaja, your ascension to the throne is not by accident neither is it by permutation, it is a compulsion of what would be as destined by the creator who in his magnificence appended the name Enitan to your being announcing the birth of history maker and a king whose accomplishment for the Yoruba race will beat anybody’s imagination. Otunba Adams pointed out “I am particularly more endeared to your kingly mission pertaining to our culture which is under the threat of being wiped off and constantly being violently harassed by foreign cultures.

He disclosed “Kabiyesi, it is a matter of grave concern to know that the threat to our customs, traditions and value is coming from two deadly traffic sources internal and external. Internally, we are daily being subjected to heavy cultural demonisation by monetised religious outfits which paint our cultural values, customs and rites as devilish and diabolic, which have almost killed some of our cultural events and festivals. Externally, apart from the fact that other nations protect their own, they are luring our people into accepting their culture and dumping theirs.”

“It is our efforts at combating the imminent erasure of the pristine Yoruba culture that we inaugurated Olokun Festival Foundation, saddled with the promotion of major festivals in Yoruba land Kogi and Kwara inclusive and OPU for the Yoruba in Diaspora. “Kabiyesi, Olokun Festival is the only cultural organisation in Nigeria which has a cultural calendar of 24 festivals spread all over seven states (Lagos, Oyo, Ogun, Ondo, Osun, Ekiti, Kwara and Kogi) “Otunba Adams also revealed “It was the realisation of the fact that immigrants Yoruba in other lands are losing touch of our culture and being lured into believing that their own culture is not only primitive, but unworthy to be proud of that led to the inauguration of OPU in 63 countries the world.

He asserts “We are however glad that we have in Ooni Ojaja, a monarch burning with the passion of redeeming the cultural status of the Yoruba. Our coming here today is not only to pledge our unalloyed support and loyalty to this cause of cultural revolution, but to affirm our readiness to cultural revolution to be engendered by Kabiyesi.” Otunba Adams intimated the Ooni of the next Oodua Festival which will be held on January 21 to 22 as well as the World Congress of OPU on January 25 and 26 all in Ile-Ife.

Oba Ogunwusi in his royal response described Otunba Adams as a special breed of Yoruba who God has deposited in immeasurable energy and talents to be utilised for the glory of the Yoruba race.

“I see you beyond the OPC. I see you beyond politics. I see you beyond OPU. I see you as a potent instrument of cultural change and I have to commend you for your burning passion and efforts at stabilising Yoruba culture, tradition and customs.
“You have in the past years proved to be not only a promoter of Yoruba culture in Nigeria but an effervescent Yoruba cultural ambassador outside Nigeria.”

Oba Ogunwusi revealed “My life, my reign, my tenure, my steps, my views and conduct will be devoted to the protection, promotion, enhancement, showcasing and celebrating the pristine cultural values, customs and tradition of our heritage without blemish. For our culture has all the elements of values which no other culture can be proud of.

“Thus such an irreplaceable pristine traditional culture and custom which is generational must not only be venerated, rejuvenated, promoted, enhanced, but vibrantly branded not for mere display and celebration, but for economic benefits of our people and uplift of Yoruba’s dignity and pride.

“Divine anointment and ancestral duty has placed on our shoulders the onerous responsibility and task of ensuring the resuscitation and revitalisation of the pristine culture and custom which promote the stability of the society, good neighbourliness, compliance with the norms and rules, peace and harmony, “Ooni Ogunwusi added.

“As the custodian of the House of Oduduwa and protector of the values of Yoruba race, I will not stand akimbo, watching with glee the progressive desecration of the culture and tradition of the race and its subsequent eradication from annals of history book of advanced culture.”
He also pointed out “It is our culture, tradition and custom that make us what we are as a race in the world. We should rise up as a matter of urgency to embrace, promote, protect, display and enhance our culture and tradition for the glory of the race and for trans -generational positivity.”

Ooni Ogunwusi assured all Yoruba “I will engender a cultural revolution in Yoruba land which will accentuate and showcase the pristine beauty of our tradition and customs so well that it will be irresistible to tourists, delectable to investors and enviable by all nations,” he said.

While assuring Otunba Adams “I am assuring you of my support and that of all the elements of virtues in Yoruba land that you shall not be left alone in this glorious effort of rejuvenating the tradition and culture of the Yoruba. Just be rest assured that you have an Ooni who is lending a royal hand of support at making the Yoruba culture the cynosure of all eyes? It is a task that we shall accomplish. Oodua a gbe wa.”

Written by: Wale Ojo Lanre Via - Nigerian Tribune

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