Monday 4 January 2016

Video: Girl Suffers Jungle Justice After Being Caught Stealing - Molested And Bathed With Pepper As Punishment [+18]

Jungle justice has become very rampant in Africa and Nigeria as the fastest way of meting out justice to criminal suspects caught in the act; however this form of justice is highly barbaric, demonic and inhumane in the 21st century and must be condemned totally.

Its a pity this things happens in our civilized world.  This girl got her private part robbed with peeper because she stole.

For crying out loud, is this worth Jungle Justice? From this instance we see that Jungle justice has left the realms of armed robbery and all the more violent crimes to simple offences like ‘who we sleep with in private’, do not be surprised when some group of people start burning kids for ‘stealing meat in their mothers pot’ or when they start ‘burning students for cheating in examination halls’.

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