Saturday 9 January 2016

Video: Christmas Ruined By Social Services - Christian Couple Had Their Children Taken After Their Eldest Son Made False Allegation Of Child Abuse Against Them.

In an interview with a Christian couple who had their children taken by Bexley Social Services after their eldest son made a false allegation of child abuse against them. Despite him retracting his allegation (he thought he would get some new trainers by going into care for a month), and them being acquitted in the Crown Court, social services still will not give these parents back their children. 

Someone in your family or in your church could be on the receiving end of similar treatment, so this is a must-watch. You will hardly believe the advice given by a leading Family Court judge, nor the animosity towards Christians shown by the social worker, nor the sheer injustice of it all. Recorded 21st December 2015. Uploaded on the 25th. Merry Christmas, as they say.

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