Wednesday 6 January 2016

"Khadijah Didn't Mention ISIS When I Dropped Her At The Airport"- Vic Dare, Nigerian Grandmother Of 4-Year-Old British Boy Who Featured In A New ISIS Video

Photo Credit: BBC/ PA/ Channel4 News

Victoria Dare, the overwhelmingly-shocked grandmother of the 4-year-old British boy called 'Jihadi Junior' who featured in a new ISIS video, has said she is in shock as regards what has happened to her grandson Isa. In the ten-minute video released on Sunday that shows the execution of 5 men accused of being spies for the UK, Isa said: "We will kill the kaffir (non-believers) over there." Speaking to BBC, Victoria said she last saw lsa 3 years when she dropped him and her daughter Grace off at the airport, as she thought they were going for a short holiday in Egypt or Turkey. The grandmother confirmed her 59-year-old husband Henry Dare's statements that it was the 4-year-old Isa in the new ISIS video. 

Victoria told BBC's One Show:"It's a long time, nearly three years, and he must have grown up. But the eye balls, the eye lashes, then the mouth, the lips... so it looks like Isa. I am not taking it as my grandson in that situation. I can’t deal with this situation, so I am not looking at this as if it is my grandson. Naturally it is my grandson [but] this is not what God gave me." A bornagain Christian who relocated to London from Nigeria 28 years ago,Victoria told BBC she noticed a change in the behaviour of her 24-year-old daughter Grace, who changed her name to 'Khadija' after converting to Islam.

Victoria further told BBC: "She(Grace) was born here and she grew up here until everything fell apart. Her name is Grace. I don't know where they've got all these names. She changed her name to Khadija when she became Muslim. I still call her Grace. I feel very unhappy because I miss them a lot. That joy was taken away from me which is really devastating". Grace's father has also disclosed that their 4-year-old toddler recently begged him over the phone saying ‘Please save me’ from their Syria base where his mother has become one of ISIS's most notorious jihadi brides. Grace's mother is to reveal that she(Grace) told the family that she was going to Egypt to study, but she secretly fled with Isa to Syria and married a Swedish terrorist. She got pregnant by him and have 2 sons between them.

Photo Credit: BBC/ PA/ Channel4 News

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