Sunday 3 January 2016

How Thankful And Grateful Are You? - Kano Girl With Half Body And No Limbs Carried In A Bowl

According to a photojournalist Sani Maikatanga who posted the photos on Instagram, her name is Rahma Haruna, a resident of Lahdin Makole village, Kano. She has no functional limbs and arms. Her brother carries her around in a plastic bowl to beg for alms.

Her brother always takes her on his head in a plastic container and go round the city of Kano in search of alms.
19-year-old Rahma Haruna, sitting feebly in a bowl
As sad as her condition is, this young lady still has reasons to laugh broadly when a good Samaritan gifted her a wheelchair for easier mobility.
It’s 2016, are you still complaining?
Which favours of your Lord would you deny?
What life has taught me is that there is always room to be thankful, ALWAYS regardless of how gloomy a situation may seem.
Meanwhile, when would Africa begin to care more for people with special needs so they can be more self reliant and independent.
Nick Vujicic is a man without limbs, yet he has done very well for himself.
We also see great stories from developed countries where people with physical challenges are made to be useful to themselves and the society but in Africa, the society seems to be cruel to this category of people, the government hardly do much for them, some families even consider them to be evil children, hence some of them are subjected to some ill treatments.

Ibrahim M. Jirgi, a former BBC correspondence and philanthropist, recently donated a wheelchair to a 19-year-old physically challenged girl, Rahma Haruna, from Lahadin. Makole in Warawa LGA, Kano.

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