Wednesday 6 January 2016

ISIS Video: Nigerian Grandfather Of Isa Dare Says Child Begged To Come Home Before Appearing In Propaganda

Her father Henry Dare told Channel 4 News that his grandson is 'definitely' the boy in the sick ISIS video. Mr Dare, who is also known as Sunday, has begged his daughter to return to Britain
The grandfather of the young British boy featured in an Isis propaganda video threatening the UK has said the child pleaded for him to take him home.

Henry Dare, also known as Sunday, identified him as his daughter Grace’s son, Isa Dare, who she took to Syria when she went to join the so-called Islamic State in 2012.

“That is my grandson, I’d know him anywhere. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the pictures. I felt sick,” he told The Sun.

“They are pure evil for doing this to that child — pure evil. I burst into tears when I saw it was him. He doesn’t like it there.
“I spoke to him on the phone and he just said, ‘Grandad, come and get me’.”
Mr Dare accused Isis of using Isa, believed to be four or five years old, as a “pawn” and a “shield”.
He appeared in a propaganda video entitled “A Message to David Cameron”, where a British militant threatened the UK for bombing the terrorist group’s strongholds in Iraq and Syria, before five hostages were killed.
The boy thought to be Isa, now dubbed “Jihadi Junior”, was featured at the end of the footage in what appeared to be a warped trailer for a new execution video said to be “coming soon”.
“We will kill the kuffars (infidels) over there,” he said, while wearing military fatigues and an Isis headband, pointing towards a car in the distance where prisoners appeared to have been trapped inside.

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