Wednesday 6 January 2016

Meet The Robot Chef That Can Prepare Your Dinner — And Clean Up After

If you don't have time to cook yourself a gourmet meal, or lack the skills, the Moley Robotics Kitchen is for you.
UK-based company Moley Robotics created this concept kitchen prototype, which includes an oven, stove, touchscreen unit, and robotic arms and hands. The hands are equipped with tactile sensors, and can chop, stir, pour, use a blender and utensils, and turn the stove on and off.
MasterChef winner Tim Anderson had his cooking skills recorded in 3D, which were then translated into instructions for the robot chef, who can now replicate Anderson's movements on its own.
The kitchen operates via built-in touchscreen or smartphone app. While it can currently only make crab bisque, users will be able to choose from an iTunes-style library of over 2,000 recipes from around the world once the consumer version launches in 2018.
"Food is the basis of a good quality of life. You need to have proper nutrition. My goal is to make people's lives better, healthier, and happier," Moley founder Mark Oleynik said in a Moley Robotics video.

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