Monday 4 January 2016

The Crazy & Dirty Things Happening In Nigerian Night Clubs

Activities at night clubs and bars in some parts of Lagos State have positive and negative influences. Lagos does not lag behind when it comes to grandiose shows. Some people would even prefer to drum home this fact by using the slogan, ‘Eko for show’, a catchphrase for Lagos’ high-flying status. 

“At night clubs, one can socialise and get useful business connections. On the negative, they can promote extreme indulgence in alcoholism and sexual escapades. There is a tendency for one to consume more alcoholic drinks than required. Commercial sex workers also loiter around such places. Someone who lacks self-control may be tempted to want to have a feel of anyone of them.”

Strip clubs, where girls dance stark n**aked and p**ornographic movies are shown along with the erotic and exotic dances, have multiplied on Opebi-Allen axis of Ikeja, Lagos, western Nigeria, undercover investigation has revealed.
The adult entertainment venues, located on a stretch of just over a kilometre, are so close to each other, that patrons trek from one strip club to another within minutes to enjoy the lewd dances, including lap and table dances as well as s**ex bouts in the VIP lounges.

Some of the new strip clubs in the area are old ones that went under for sometime but are now back in full force and are operating freely with the backing of the Lagos State House of Assembly which legalised them about three years ago.

Like in a boxing ring, patrons, mainly married and unmarried men, sit around the ‘ring’ and siping their drinks and watch the female dancers who gradually remove everything, including their pants as they dance around a pole, their bodies gleaming.

The strip clubs argue that they are simply providing a demand, a deep and secret urge in mainly men who troop in there every night of every week.

Every week, there is usually a place for fun seekers to hang out in various parts of the metropolis. In fact, there are now night clubs in some residential areas. It is not unusual these days to see fun spots springing up where residential buildings were once erected. From Ikeja, Surulere, Oshodi, Akowonjo, Iyana Ipaja, Abule Egba, Ogba to Ikorodu and other areas in the state, Friday is usually a special day.

On this day, music blares from every nook and cranny till dawn. The fun, which starts midweek in some parts, reaches a crescendo on Friday. Some singers, especially those in the hip hop and juju genres, have even made special releases on the importance of Friday in the start of a weekend of merry-making.

Sometimes you wonder how fast modernization is coming to Nigeria, the night clubs are now off the hook, see some amazing things that happens inside a Lagos Night club.
As it rocks in Lagos, the same happens in Port Harcourt, Abuja and other notable cities in the country. Drinks of all types usually accompany the entertainment. A recent data has shown Nigeria as one of the leading countries with high champagne consumption.

Most strip clubs in Lagos have adopted nightclub and cabaret-style unlike in Europe and America where they also adopt bar and theatre-style.

Although American-style strip clubs began to appear outside of North of America after World War Two, arriving in Asia in the late 1940s and Europe in 1950, in Lagos, they have been operating for many years.

But since the Lagos State House of Assembly legalised them about three years ago, they have been multiplying across the state. They advertise on major roads and no longer hide as they did in the past.

Many of them now pay taxes and attract more girls who are no longer ashamed of dancing nude.

As of 2005, the size of global strip club industry was estimated to be 75 billion US dollars. In 2002, the size of U.S. strip club industry was estimated to be 3.1 billion dollars, generating 19 percent of the total gross revenue in the legal adult entertainment.

Second filings and state liquor control records available at that time indicated that there were at least 2,500 strip clubs in the United States. In Nigeria, information about strip clubs remains murky and health status of the dancers is not often known as they remain unregistered.

Some may be having sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/Aids and may be transmitting them to their patrons who may be transmitting them to others.

He said, “These club houses pay all manner of taxes to local governments in their domains. They employ security men to ensure orderliness. Some people even feel safe when they get to a place and see a night club there. The people trooping into the club and the noise coming out from there often light up the environment. Nigeria is a place where people work hard to survive. You can imagine what the situation will be if there are no places to unwind.”
He added that fun spots could attract people of questionable characters into a neighbourhood thereby endangering the safety of occupants.

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